FDA Complied Leakproof Plastic Free Paper Lids for Cups

  • Size : 80/90mm available
  • Material : Bagasse Pupl Paper
  • Color : White & Natural available
  • Place of Origin : Fujian China
  • Certificates : FDA & LFGB Complied; BPI & En13432
  • MOQ : 50,000pcs

Paper Lids for Cups FDA Complied Leakproof Plastic Free

biodegradable disposable cup lids

biodegradable disposable cup lids

Product Information of Plastic Free Paper Lids for Cups

Product name Plastic Free Paper Lids for Cups
Material Sugarcane bagasse pulp
Model No. GO-P017/P018
Color White / Natural
Diameter 80/90 mm
Feature Biodegradable; eco-friendly; disposable; compostable
Usage Plant fiber based eco lid for hot drinking cups


hot lids

Why Choose Our Plastic Free Paper Lids for Cups


With advanced scientific formula and cutting edge automatic production lines and technique, our paper lids for cups are made from plant fibers pulp like seeds, bagasse and bamboo pulp, they are completely environmental and biodegradable. It completely meets the rigid requirements of environmental materials in many countries.

Green Olive has acquired several Chinese patents and It’s a new environmental product with full of potential considering global plastic restriction, and we are continuing in developing new innovative eco lids in order to offer the market with best using experience in affordable prices.


eco friendly coffee cups with lids

eco friendly coffee cups with lids


Features of Our Plastic Free Paper Lids for Cups


1. Standard for Industrial Compostability: ASTM D 6400, EN13432& AS4736 and QB/T2341-97
2. Health Standard: GB/3561-89 ; GB/T7974
3. Environmental Standard: recyclable material, PFAS free, no pollution in production process and after using, it will degrade naturally and sludge into organic fertilizer


biodegradable coffee cup lids

4. Physical Standard: Waterproof, no leakage with hot water (90 ± 5 ° c)  for 6 hours used in temperature of -40℃~135℃, suitable for microwave oven, freezer freezing preservation

5. Appearance: no odor, nontoxic, natural color appearance, good touching feeling, no sharp edge.

6. Pressure: Bursting strength greater than 1000 kpa, pressure resistance greater than 20N

7. Special Tight Fitting Designs: Our various versatile paper lids which are in special tight fitting designs to fit many sizes of paper hot cups. They are the perfect hot beverage solution for many occasions such as concession stands, coffee shops, convenience stores, etc.

Packaging Details of Plastic Free Paper Lids for Cups


90mm diameter (12oz) white/original 5.5g 1000 7KGS 490*390*280mm
80mm diameter (8 oz) white/original 4.5g 1000 6KGS 450*350*300mm


Eco Lids

Eco Lids