Factory Price Natural Fiber Eco Disposable Sugarcane Bagasse Biodegradable Plates

MOQ 20000PCS

Non-wood plant fiber sugarcane pulp paper, plastic free

Size 6/7/8.75/9 /10inch

Capacity 485ml

Color Natural brown/White Color

Water & oil grease resistant

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Green Olive fancy biodegradable flatware such as biodegradable plates and cutlery are great for wedding celebrations, birthday parties, restaurants, hotels, and special occasions. Strong and durable. Leak and oil proof. Microwavable (warm-up only). Refrigerator safe.

biodegradable disposable plates

eco friendly disposable plates

eco friendly disposable plates

Name Factory Price Natural Fiber Eco Disposable sugarcane bagasse Biodegradable Plates
Standard size Variety of sizes available to suit all your needs. 100% natural and renewable resource, carbon-neutral and biodegradable
Color Elegant Ivory White, faint yellow(unbleached)
Usage Wedding party, hotel, and restaurant
OEM service Yes
Detail Description 1.   Made from sugarcane bagasse, which is 100% biodegradable, easy reclaimed and tree-free.

2.   Biodegradable in 20-30 days under natural conditions without additional disposing cost.

3.very sturdy.

4.Perfect for hot and cold foods, with excellent hot resistance.

5.Microwavable and freezer safe.

6.Packaging detail: Customized

7.Delivery details: sample mold:7 days. Production mold: 20-25 days. Production time: 15 – 25 days from mold has been made.

8. Customize design acceptable.

9. ISO14885-1 &FDA compliance

10. FOB, CIF, DDP, DDU sales term available.

MOQ 50000 Pieces
Advantage Green Olive Guaranteed Satisfaction policy



Our technologies are protected by several patents. Equipped with cutting edge machinery, We design and develop innovative, clean and environmentally friendly technological manufacturing processes of disposable sugarcane bagasse tableware and other packaging products based on natural raw materials-corn starch, a sustainable and reclaimable resource.

Production Process: First, add certain water to sugarcane bagasse and then stir in a mixer machine, after that, fill a certain amount of materials to the pressing machine, and prototype by pressing machine, and then spray a layer of the waterproof membrane on product inner surface, packaging after products get dried.

disposable lunch box

disposable lunch box

Company Profile

Green Olive Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is established in 2009, a professional comprehensive solution provider of eco-friendly biodegradable disposable products, including disposable dinnerware, such as biodegradable plates, disposable biodegradable packaging for gift, wine & tobacco, beauty, consumer electronics, medical & pharmaceutic products, etc.

Green Olive tableware factory

Green Olive tableware factory

Green Olive tableware factory

Our Advantage

Strong R&D-Green Olive has built an elite R&D team striving to develop cutting edge new material, both eco-friendly and less expensive in cost. Our products are made from sugarcane bagasse, 100% biodegradable material and sustainable resource. Non-toxic and need a shorter decomposition time frame.

Quality Guaranteed –Our products are tested biodegradable according to ISO14885-1 international standard, and fully comply with US FDA food hygiene safety regulations. All products are 100% inspected internally before shipping under our strict and scientific QC procedures.


  1. What is the material of the product?

Our product has been designed to use all tree-free materials, specifically sugarcane bagasse, 100% natural biodegradable and healthy.

  1. Is it 100% fully biodegradable? What substances are left after degradation? And how long does it take to be fully degraded?

Yes, it breaks down into carbon dioxide and water after degradation and takes about 20-30 days to be fully degraded.

  1. What are the components of the waterproof membrane?

It belongs to polymers, components include PVTC, Acrylic Acid, Bio-plastics, and water.

  1. What’s the temperature resistant range for your products? Is it microwave and bakery oven-safe?

The temperature it can withstand is from -20℃ to 100℃, it has been approved by the test that it’s microwave safe, but cannot be used in the bakery oven.

  1. How about the heat resistance performance?

It has very good heat resistant performance.

  1. Can you provide customization in production and printing service?

YES, we provide one-stop customization solutions including production and printing service according to customer’s requests.

  1. What printing ink is used in printing process? Is it safe for the human body?

UV ink is applied to our printing process, totally safe for the human body, it gets dried very fast and has very smooth surface.

  1. What testing standard does your product conform to as for bio-degradation? Is it approved by US FDA?

Our products are tested according to ISO14885-1 international standard, and fully comply with US FDA food safety regulations