The Fibre Coffee Cup Lids Are Recyclable And Compostable

The Fibre Coffee Cup Lids Are Recyclable And Compostable

While the weather is getting hot, there is nothing better than a cool cup of watermelon juice or iced caffe latte. People working inside or outside of the office are used to spiriting themselves with a cup of coffee every day. As society becomes increasingly mobile, so do our drinking habits. Cup lids were designed to help consumers drink coffee on the go specifically during the daily commute.

Traditional cup lids prevented spilling while consumers were on the move. It was a simple disk made from plastic or paper that snapped onto the rim of a coffee cup. Each lid had a small opening to allow consumers to sip the coffee.

Over time, coffee cup lids have evolved to provide comfort, ease of use, and other higher requirements, such as hygiene and sustainability. Some have been specifically designed to enhance the consumer’s coffee experience.


After the outbreak of Covid-19, more consumers are concerned by the idea of a barista handling a cup lid from which they will directly drink. As food safety and sanitation remain a priority, the coffee sector is in the market for cup lid designs that reduce the risk of contamination.

As a manufacturer of specially produce high-quality compostable cup lids, Green Olive possess senior designers and development team. We are in the process of building a Dust Free Plant or a Clean Workshop  certified to reach the market.


Sustainability is a hot topic within the specialty coffee industry. From packaging to the waste created during processing are always looking for more sustainable practices in the sector.

Coffee lids contribute heavily to single-use plastic pollution, garnering criticism from an increasing number of environmentally conscious consumers. As a result, manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of coffee cup lids. For instance, Green Olive is producing compostable coffee cup lids that is 100% plastic free.

Made from a mixture of natural bagasse and bamboo fibres, which are fully renewable resources, the fibre coffee cup lids are recyclable and compostable. In addition to using 25% fewer materials than traditional production of coffee lids, the lids are 100% biodegradable in soil and marine environments.

Sustainability will continue to play a large role in guiding the development of the packaging industry.

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Saving the planet is important, but so is supplying good quality and prices of your coffee cup lids. Realising these two essentials, we produce a fully compostable disposable coffee cup lids designed specifically for you with wholesale prices.

Want to know more about our ecofriendly coffee cup lids and other 100% natural, compostable, biodegradable products? Please visit our website, and We welcome your inquiry.

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