New August Selling and Shipping Season of Disposable Food Containers Wholesale

As a great manufacture enterprise of disposable food containers and other pulp molded products both indomestic and foreign markets, Green Olive Environmental Technology Co., Ltd has a professional logistic and procurement department that supplies logistics solutions for situations based on different customer’s requirements.

Logistics service is one of our strong advantages except good quality and R&D service. We pay much attention to the safety and timely delivery as well as our customer’s experience. Through the optimization and integration of various types of information resources, we can supply our customers with the following logistics services while ensuring best quality.


  1. All the ports can be selected nearby

All the trading ports are available. Our factory is located in Longyan city, Fujian province. Therefore, Xiamen port is the best choice. You may also load your goods by any other ports off the coast of southeast China.

  1. Various transportation modeto meet personalized requirements

We are skillful at Sea and Train Coordinated transport, including vehicles like truck, boat and train. With different order quantities, we can organize combine shipment, bulk shipment and whole cargo shipments etc.

  1. All the vessel can be selected freely

We have cooperated with many famous vessels. According to the advantage of each ship owners’ routes and allocation of shipping space, we optimize the choice of booking, which is guaranteed.

  1. Provide better ocean freight rate and priorityshipping space for all long-term cooperation

Because we have fixed container quantity each month, shipowner and forwarder provide us with competitive price and timely service, which can save the cost for our customers to the utmost extent.

  1. Offer best shippingway for customers: latest shipping information

We will keep abreast of global shipping information, timely get the shipping trends from customers, and make shipping plans in advance.


Preparations are well under way for the festivals (such as Easter, Christmas and New year) in the second half of this year, which we called “the selling season”. Shipments of our disposable food containers and other pupl molded packaging products (such as cup lids, cultery, and plates) will continues to increase this autumn. Any questions about our pulp products or shipping information, welcome to inquiry!